Cross sheeting the jib

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Cross sheeting the jib

Post by dbrousseau »

Looking for best practice for cross sheeting the jib sheets for racing, as we do on J-105s. On the 109 the sheet coming out of the turning block ribs on the cockpit coaming. Wondering if there's a standard wedge for the turning block to raise it up, or maybe use a double block, or just put a stainless strip on the coaming and let it rub. What's working?

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Dan Corcoran
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Re: Cross sheeting the jib

Post by Dan Corcoran »

Welcome to the 109 class. We don't cross sheet.
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Re: Cross sheeting the jib

Post by TSweather »

Never thought to ask that here, but I am also genuinely curious if any have come up with a workaround. We have experimented with cross sheeting and the consensus was that it generally slowed our tacks down and put unnecessary strain and chafe by not fairly leading the sheets.

Outside of installing a new deck mounted foot block directly on the cockpit coaming in front of each winch like many of the J111's have, I'm just here for other suggestions. Any chance to get my jib trimmer to the windward side in breeze is worth the effort as he is a pretty big guy, though the ODR setup doesn't make it easy.
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