Bilge drainage, between bilges

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Dan Corcoran
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Bilge drainage, between bilges

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This green line seems to be greatly slowing water between sections of the bilge, while less than 25% of the size of the hull, I am guessing dirt is just gathering there also. I used a brush to get at the dirt, and there was plenty, but it has not helped so I am next thinking of re-routing that wire.

Has anyone done so? Did it make a difference, or does water just pool here anyhow?
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Vento Solare
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Re: Bilge drainage, between bilges

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That's a short ground wire. J/109 bilges are notoriously flat and water will puddle.

Better solution is to find and fix the source of water, and periodically clean out the limber holes. Make it an annual requirement and you should be fine.
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