Bilge Drainage, Starboard Battery Storage

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Dan Corcoran
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Bilge Drainage, Starboard Battery Storage

Post by Dan Corcoran »

Water is getting in my battery compartment, and perhaps not out fast enough.

The giveaway, is that I discovered my plastic bag of spare fuses (quart size freezer bag with double seal) filled with water last week, despite being sealed it filled.

Perhaps the fuses held the bag underwater long enough to defeat the seal.

No other evidence of water. Is this normal? Strange? Any thoughts?
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Vento Solare
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Re: Bilge Drainage, Starboard Battery Storage

Post by Vento Solare »

It's not normal. Pull the floorboards and make sure all the limber holes are clear by running a coat hanger through each one (for and aft and the athwartships holes too).

One of my winter projects this year is to pull out everything, clean and repaint the bilge.
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