Loss of coolant

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Dan Corcoran
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Loss of coolant

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I am not losing coolant now, but I lost some and am unconvinced I found the problem.

When preparing my 109 for spring I found that about 30 ounces of coolant were missing from the engine. I have never lost a drop before now.

In a brief engine run after adding coolant, I lost about 2 oz of fluid into the pan below the engine I traced a sizable hole in the middle of the line from the top of the engine cap to the reservoir as the reason. The hose was melted to the point of being 1/4 severed.

Having not found any coolant below the engine last season, I feel I should not be convinced I found the reason why the fluid disappeared over the winter.

Are my doubts justified, any thoughts on what to look for next?

How should the line be positioned to not melt through?
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