Replacement fuel gauge?

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Replacement fuel gauge?

Post by johnarens »

Has anyone had to replace their fuel gauge? The sender is functioning properly but my gauge always reads full. Any insights? A link to the replacement gauge?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Replacement fuel gauge?

Post by carlbraden »

G'day - yes my #148 has the same problem - my limited exploration points to the wiring not the gauge - but I am happy to hear what others advise.
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Re: Replacement fuel gauge?

Post by Vento Solare »

When I had similar symptoms I found a loose connection on the contacts where the harness attached to the fuel gauge located on the top of the tank and that fixed the problem.

I would measure the voltage at the engine panel fuel gauge connection. There should be 3 wires including +12V, Ground, and the sending unit.
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