Correct Edson Parts For Steering Rebuild

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Correct Edson Parts For Steering Rebuild

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I just rebuilt the steering on hull 167 (2004 US TPI Built).

Looked like no one had maintained the steering gear since the boat was built and nothing was greased, so long overdue. Also the brake no longer held the wheel and there was play in everything.

When I took the steering shaft out the front bearing fell apart on the deck, hens the play.

I then had a bit of a saga to get the right parts from Edson. They we very helpful, but clearly they don't have a record of exactly what went in each boat.

Anyway, the steering in my boat is a modified 420 Steerer with a 1" shaft and three bearings, instead of the more standard two. I have attached a shot with the front hub removed so others can compare.

So if yours looks like mine, the parts you will need for a rebuild are:

316-336-402-TSB Brake Kit for 336 & 402 Pedestals with Thru Shaft Brake
A third bearing not included in kit: 960-A-140-1 Bearing - Needle Bearing 1" - Stainless
960-A-1979 Gasket, 420 Steerer, 1/16 Black Neoprene Duro 70 w/Lip
314-420 Steerer Rebuild Kit - 420 Bulkhead Steerers

The wire on my boat looked good and passed the test of running a piece of paper towel over it to look for broken strands, so I did not replace it.

This lot will cost about US$500

If you have trouble sourcing, the man to talk to at Edson is Matt Duggan, very responsive and helpful.
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Re: Correct Edson Parts For Steering Rebuild

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Thank you for posting!
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