Removing the Mast

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Removing the Mast

Post by CamdenJ109 »


I am pulling my 2004 J109 for the first time in a few days. Any tips or tricks for preparing the spare to be pulled? Also any tricks for easy removal and install again in the spring? Thanks in Advance.

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Re: Removing the Mast

Post by TSweather »

We're also going to drop the rig this year. Just made some wide base saw horses to store it on. Planning to get final measurements on the turnbuckles using calipers and label all wires. I will likely disconnect the boom and all wiring myself before the yard gets to it. Beyond that you could always go up the rig and remove the anemometer and antenna ahead of time. I also put a mark with a sharpie just below the spartite as I may either paint or vinyl wrap the lower part of the spar that you see inside the cabin. It is easily scratched when going in and out. Will also leave the wood trim ring that covers the mast step in the boat so it isn't forgotten this time when the rig goes back in.
Next season I'm planning to get a new mast boot to put over the spartite as windward sheeting has shredded ours.
Cheers to a productive off-season, Todd

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