Making the inhauler adjustable on both ends.

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Dan Corcoran
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Making the inhauler adjustable on both ends.

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Rather than terminating at the base of my mast, I am thinking of leading the lines for my inhaulers to a cleat on the mast or back in the cockpit to provide the ability to release the inhaulers when reaching. Currently, my inhaulers only have about 8-10 inches of adjustability, which is currently overcome by running another jib sheet to a black on a rail padeye to avoid the inhaulers engaging.

With this modification I am thinking this other adjustable end would have 2 feet or more of line to add 12 inches to the adjustability, and therefore a little bit wider range of wind angles underwhich I would not need to run that extra sheet and block just to avoid the inhaulers engaging.

Writing to asking if this would be class legal, or be class legal if disabled for class racing, & has anyone done so.
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Vento Solare
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Re: Making the inhauler adjustable on both ends.

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I'll let the measurer comment with the official interpretation but this I believe is allowed. The applicable section in the class rules states:

4.3.7 The Jib may be in hauled forward of the mast with the lazy sheet or behind the mast in a horizontal manner with a control line system

For history when the class discussed the rule change to allowing inhaulers there were questions on whether an exact configuration should be specified or if owners should be allowed to use various padeyes, turning blocks and attachment points to configure their own style system. Ultimately the wording above was proposed and voted on which does allow flexibility on how an inhaul system may be configured. You can see some of the configurations owners have implemented posted in this thread.
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