Technical Committee Ruling Allowing Dual Jib Cars

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Technical Committee Ruling Allowing Dual Jib Cars

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This is an update by the Technical Committee effective 2 February 2024

Background: The Technical Committee has reviewed renewed requests to install a second car and lead on existing jib tracks to allow for easier use of overlapping headsails in non-class racing. The Technical Committee previously disallowed similar requests. The currently proposed configuration would have a second car installed on the track, aft of the existing car and attached with a strop. This configuration would provide optimal sheeting adjustment for an overlapping headsail with the control lines in the same position as the one design jib. Thus, additional control line to extend the jib car further aft would not be needed.

Previous requests were rejected to prevent any perceived tactical advantage gained by rerunning jib sheets when reaching, and the instant availability of a spare jib car in the event of a primary car failure.

Decision: In the past several years, many J/109s have changed hands and owners are using the boats in handicap racing, as well as Class racing. In the interests of keeping boats active in both Class racing and handicap events, the Technical Committee has decided to revisit its previous guidance. Thus, in order to provide options for handicap racing but not impacting one design Class racing, the Technical Committee has determined that an additional jib car may be added on the track under the following conditions:
  • The additional car may not be used under any circumstances for Class one design racing.
  • During Class one design racing, the second car may remain on the track but must be disconnected from the primary car and disabled with tape or another measure.
  • Use of the second car during Class one design racing shall be a violation of Class Rules and protestable by another competitor or the Race Committee.
  • Should a failure of the primary jib car occur, the end cap must be removed and the failed car removed before the second car may be placed in service as the primary car for Class one design racing.
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Re: Technical Committee Ruling Allowing Dual Jib Cars

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Thank you!
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