Technical Committee Proposed Changes to Class Weight Limits

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Technical Committee Proposed Changes to Class Weight Limits

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Proposed Change:
The Technical Committee proposes effective 1 January 2025 to remove Class Rule 6.2 regarding weight limits. This change will be submitted to the Class Secretary by 1 August 2024 so it may be included for a vote at the 2024 annual meeting.

Specific Change to Class Rules:
(Rule 6.1 remains as is)

6.1 For J/109 Class or fleet sanctioned events, the crew of each boat shall be limited to the driver plus six crew members. To encourage participation, including junior sailors, a seventh “lightweight person” may be added without penalty, provided that person’s weight does not exceed 60 kilos (132 lbs.).

(Rule 6.2 below is deleted and replaced as annotated below to preclude renumbering subsequent paragraphs)

6.2 By vote of the Executive Board, a Championship event may be designated to be a “weight limited” event. The Notice of Race for such events shall state that Rule 6.2 applies, and Rule 6.1 does not apply. Total weight of crew (excluding the driver) in swimming apparel shall not exceed 550 kilos (1213 pounds).

6.2 (Deleted).

Discussion: Class rules 6.1 and 6.2 provide different approaches for crew weight limits (number of people vs total weight). The North American Championship is the only event that limits total crew weight. This limit makes it more difficult to get crew for events, and is a significant admin burden for the class in executing and tracking the weights. The proposed rule change simplifies the process and provides an equitable approach for total crew on boats.
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Re: Technical Committee Proposed Changes to Class Weight Limits

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And ... only one venue in recent memory, Pequot, demonstrated an aptitude for measuring weight to the satisfaction of skippers and crews.
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