Looking for 2019 Crew now

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Dan Corcoran
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Looking for 2019 Crew now

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Team Strider looking for 3-4 crew in 2019. Strider is based in Huntington, NY, one of the best sailing communities on Long Island, within reasonable distance of the railroad station in Huntington, NY. Our crew hails from Long Island, NYC, and New Jersey - possibly you can get a ride.

We travel to sail j/109 one design races around the Long Island Sound, Block Island Sound, and Newport, RI waters and PHRF racing including Wednesday night series out of Huntington, NY (departs Wednesday 6:10pm) plus some weekend regattas for good causes or just fun.

We have mixed crew of
* men and women
* people born to the sport, and people who joined as adults
* only race with us, race on multiple-boats, or own multi-boats
* people who don't use recreational drugs & people who won't use recreational drugs
* find fun in being on a team, or create fun being on a team
* sail safe, sail safe and sail without a care

4 crew positions (choose all, one-design events only; phrf wednesday only; phrf weekend regatta's only)
* Tacticians - which is also the Main sheet trimmer on a J/109.
* Strong team player, any position, with troubleshooting skills - able to size-up issues of boat speed, process and equipment failures on the front half of the boat.
* Strong team player, knows a couple of positions, muscular - when seconds count and brute force is needed.
* New team player - because the sport needs fresh blood to thrive.
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