Wind Sensor Replacement or Repair

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Wind Sensor Replacement or Repair

Post by sfbarber »

Can anyone tell me what the original mast top wind speed and direction sensor is? Make and Model? B and G? Mine has a round base, kind of bends forward at a low rise. Also, replacing the mast cable, is it free to run up and down or were the original cables zip tied together preventing a single cable from being pulled through?

J/109 Feleena model year 2003

Thank you!
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Re: Wind Sensor Replacement or Repair

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Sorry to say that there is no "standard" wind sensor since instrument packages were not factory installed. The mast cables run through a PVC pipe attached to the inside of the mast. Running a new cable is best done with the mast down. Depending on what instrument s you have you may want to consider a wireless sensor if there is a cable problem. Something like the B&G WS320
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Re: Wind Sensor Replacement or Repair

Post by carlbraden »

I replaced a broken Raymarine wired ST60 wind with a wireless Tacktick Wind Instrument.
I have a iMUX to interface the NMEA to Seatalk.
Happy to expand if its of interest.
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