Compliments to all for the J/109 Nationals in Pequot

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Dan Corcoran
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Compliments to all for the J/109 Nationals in Pequot

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This event's formula for excellence was something I would love to see repeated in the future. The event was all-around excellent. I have no suggestions for improvement, rather I am writing here to offer compliments and suggest what could be repeated in the future.
* Great Timing - In the fall and not in annual conflict with Block Island Race Week.
* Dedicated race course (in an off-year to BIRW). This is a treat only to be done on off-years to BIRW IMHO.
* Excellent Host - Pequot Yacht Club with a team of people constantly on the look to offer a hand to visitors.
* Excellent Facilities - Pequot Yacht Club - Nearly all the competitors are side by side on the same dock with adjacent social events, good parking nearby, vehicle loading areas, clean bathrooms, other good amenities, and trains and food within a short walk.
* Excellent Race Committee - Faultless execution in sometimes trying conditions.
* Excellent Protest Committee Hearing, including open format, video of the event, and leadership by Dave Perry.
* Far-Reaching Participation - Lots of boats from out of the area. Thank you to everyone that traveled the extra miles.
* Good Food - Only a few annual events have better food (I am thinking of Stamford Vineyard Race, CYC Vanderbilt Race, to name a few exceptional food choices)
* Good Weather - Would have expected more wind, especially in October. In any event, we got races every day.
* Good Format - Tuesday's joint practice plus 4 days of the racing worked out just right.
* Good Boat Practice - This was much appreciated. Ideally, we would all have come back to the line on-time more often to achieve more practice starts.
* Excellent Cost / Value - The cost was superb given the above and due to affordable housing for our crews nearby.

It is great to be a boat owner in such a strong class.
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