109 Class Flag to be Flown for Naval Academy Sailing Squadron Regatta

Two weeks ago NASS RC Chairman Bill Museler asked if I could provide him with the J/109 Class Flag for the Naval Academy Sailing Squadron Regatta on Sunday, April 25. I asked Rick Lyall, and it turned out that we did not yet have a class flag designed. Rick acted quickly – Bill Museler now has the flag and will use it for the first time ever for the inaugural J/109 Class start in the upcoming races.

Another first for J/109 racing in the Chesapeake!

So we have the: 1) Second year of a J/109 start in the Annapolis NOOD; 2) Second year of the inaugural J/109 Mid-Atlantic Championships in Annapolis; 3) Second year that participating in the Annapolis NOOD is a requirement to win the J/109 Class Association East Coast Regatta Series Trophy; 4) Inaugural J/109 Class start in the spring Naval Academy Sailing Squadron Regatta; 5) Inaugural use of the J/109 Class Flag.
Wow – Let’s go racing!

Bill Sweetser

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