2005 J/109 Midwinter Championship Format

We are pleased to announce the following one-design format for Key West 2005:

For J/109s registering to sail in the ôJ/109 Classö (as opposed to PHRF), we will be sailing under Class Rules as posted at www.J/109.org with the following exceptions:

1)Crew Limit/Weight û in lieu of weighing crew, the crew limit will be skipper plus 7 persons.

2)Equipment û a reminder that the removable transom locker is not required, but the swim ladder, emergency tiller, stove, v-berth platform (but no cushion), and main cabin bunk cushions are required.

3)Due to the fact that most owners will not be cruising their boats in the area before or after the event, the main cabin table can be removed for protection.

4)The float line rule #6.3 and headstay length #6.4 will not be in effect for this event, but modification of the factory provided headstay (i.e. adding non-standard toggles) is prohibited.

5)To encourage all J/109 owners to participate, a small rating credit will be given to shoal draft configured boats. The rating delta to be determined by Rod Johnstone, based on designerÆs VPP over windward/leeward course.

6)2005 Membership (Rule #2.1) is complimentary for all J/109 owners.

7)Each owner will be asked to provide a Class Declaration form at registration. This will be emailed in advance so to save you time while registering.

With at least five boats competing in class configuration, Premiere Racing will provide J/109 class trophies. We had five J/109s in 2004, so are hoping for at least that many this year. The plan is to start the J/109 and J/120 classes on the same line (since neither class by itself will likely field 12 boats), but independently score them; rather than tangle us in with a PHRF class filled with symmetric kites.

If you need any logistical help in planning your Key West trip, please feel free to contact Karen Yingling at karen@jconcierge.com or Kendra Muenter at Kendra@jboats.com . Karen will be onsite in Key West coordinating with owner activities.

There are two J/109s already registered (go to www.premiere-racing.com ). Sign up as soon as possible to show class strength and help convince anyone on the fence!

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