Bill Sweetser Has a Challenge for You

“The RUSH team will proudly display the prestigious East Coast Regatta Series trophy at the Annapolis Yacht Club until someone takes it away.”

HOW DO I WIN IT? Compete in this year’s J/109 Mid-Atlantic Championships at the Annapolis NOOD, and the Larchmont NOOD, and achieve the best average points. Each year the Class Association defines the Series events.

WHEN ARE THE EVENTS? Annapolis NOOD – April 30-May 1 & 2, 2010; Larchmont NOOD September 11 & 12, 2010.

WHEN IS THE TROPHY AWARDED? At the Larchmont NOOD’s awards ceremony. The Class Association will ship it to the yacht club you designate where it will remain on display until another team wins it.

IS THERE A KEEPER TROPHY? In 2009 it was a beautiful 16 inch silver tray engraved with the year and names of the Series regattas.

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