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J/109 Class Association Constitution As amended by the Voting Members, effective 1 January 2018 – Previous revisions available at this link Download Link for Printing The J/109® Class Association is established by the members as a non profit membership organization. In accordance with this Constitution and the J/109 Class Rules, non commercial use of the …


J/109 Class Rules Communicating with J/109 Class Measurer for Rules interpretation: The J/109 Class has established a means to communicate with the Class Measurer for any class rules questions or interpretations. This is done by posting your question or comments in the J/109 forum Class Rules Discussion. The Class Measurer receives automatic notification for all …

Other Documents

Below you fill find other class documents organized in groups below.  These are ordered by date, with the most recent documents at the top.

Class Rules Discussion



One of the best ways to insure your investment in the J/109 is to support the Class. Owners and Co-owners are strongly encouraged to become Members of the J/109 Class Association. Others may become Associate Members. Members are owners or co-owners. Associate Members are crew and supporters of the J/109 Class. The membership fee is …

Boat List

There are J/109s located throughout the world produced from 2001 through 2012. The table below provides a list of all known boats with the home port and fleet location. See the Fleets page for information about the various fleets. This page contains information available in the public domain and does not disclose information restricted per …


J/109 Fleets are located throughout the world. The geographic areas have designated Fleet Captains with contact information posted below. The links listed in the Fleet Name column direct you to the respective J/109 forum area or external website where you may communicate with others in that fleet. You must register on the forum to be …