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Boat List

There are J/109s located throughout the world produced from 2001 through 2012. The table below provides a list of all known boats with the home port and fleet location. See the Fleets page for information about the various fleets.

This page contains information available in the public domain and does not disclose information restricted per section 2.3 of the J/109 Class Constitution.

Hull numbers listed as greater than 500 are place holders since the exact hull number is unknown. If you know the real hull number, please send the information to admin@j109.org.

If you find a boat that is missing or an error on this list, please report necessary changes to admin@j109.org.

HullBoat NameSail NumberHome PortFleet
1Judgment DayGBR 1508RHayling Island, HampshireUnited Kingdom & Ireland
2MariahUSA 52109Santa CruzCalifornia & Hawaii
3HambleUnited Kingdom & Ireland
7Chillout!NED 6886UnknownNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
8ImajineFRA 28415ToulonFrance
9White MischiefGBR 1242RDun LaoghrieUnited Kingdom & Ireland
10JetstreamGBR 8609HolyheadUnited Kingdom & Ireland
11Fremito D'arjaITA 109ChiavariMediterranean Sea
13JenguGBR9760RHambleUnited Kingdom & Ireland
14JagoGBR9779THambleUnited Kingdom & Ireland
15Joie de VieGBR 9498RGalway, IrelandUnited Kingdom & Ireland
17JittersNED 7793ScheveningenNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
18JalapenoIRL 5109DublionUnited Kingdom & Ireland
20JamminMLT 1090VallettaMediterranean Sea
28Pocket RocketSBH 7777St. BartsFrance
303 CheersUSA 310Noroton Y.C.Long Island Sound
31Orion -Totaled Hurricane ErnestoMamaroneckLong Island Sound
32ShadowfaxUSA 56175Long BeachCalifornia & Hawaii
33RESOLUTEUSA 33GalesvilleChesapeake Bay & Southeast
34PerserveranceCAN 51847BellinghamPacific Northwest
35French ConnectionUSA 35KemahTexas & Gulf Coast
36MountainUSA 36SeattlePacific Northwest
37Zig ZagUSA 37New RochelleLong Island Sound
38FandangoUSA 59109ChicagoGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
39ZumaUSA 39Riverside Yacht ClubLong Island Sound
40The MythSanta BarbaraCalifornia & Hawaii
42ShekinahUSA 56242Shoreline Village Long BeachCalifornia & Hawaii
43EquinoxUSA 43Victoria BCPacific Northwest
44ShadaUSA 44SeattlePacific Northwest
45Harm's WayUSA 45KemahTexas & Gulf Coast
46GambitUSA 46Rhode Island Yacht ClubNew England & Maritimes
47JoyrideUSA 47San FranciscoCalifornia & Hawaii
48CleoUSA 51888Sag HarborLong Island Sound
49Marquise II49NewportNew England & Maritimes
50PelagicSeattlePacific Northwest
51RUSHUSA 51AnnapolisChesapeake Bay & Southeast
52LINSTARUSA 7052Newport BeachCalifornia & Hawaii
53Pole DancerUSA 53HoustonTexas & Gulf Coast
54Natural MysticUSA 60579Atlantic HighlandsLong Island Sound
55TumblerUSA 55Biddeford PoolNew England & Maritimes
57Island StyleUSA 7444Santa BarbaraCalifornia & Hawaii
58ReliantUSA 93272AnnapolisChesapeake Bay & Southeast
59ChaseUSA 59BayfieldGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
61KING LOUIEGBR 5109RYarmouthUnited Kingdom & Ireland
62Juke BoxGBR 9091Royal Yacht Squadron CowesUnited Kingdom & Ireland
63MiesjeNED 7986LelystadNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
64Me JulieGBR 3Port Hamble MarinaUnited Kingdom & Ireland
66JuraGBR 9490UnknownUnited Kingdom & Ireland
67BARBOTTEFRA 28919Golfe du MorbihanFrance
68SagolaITA 15109UnknownMediterranean Sea
69JAMBONOR 16388AskerEurope
70After ThoughtUSA 7070Fishing Bay Yacht ClubChesapeake Bay & Southeast
71MistralUSA 71SouthportLong Island Sound
72Gut FeelingUSA 72PadanaramNew England & Maritimes
73RosalitaUSA 73North East River YCChesapeake Bay & Southeast
74Sea Star52574NorwalkLong Island Sound
75HabaneroUSA 75NorwalkLong Island Sound
76CosmoUSA 51992Atlantic HighlandsLong Island Sound
77OrcaClevelandGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
78BalanceUSA 78Shennecossett YCLong Island Sound
79FuegoUSA 56200Santa BarbaraCalifornia & Hawaii
80BlondieIRL 1090UnknownUnited Kingdom & Ireland
81J-StreamBEL 2193ZeebruggeNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
82Stanley's BanjoGBR 509RUnknownUnited Kingdom & Ireland
83JustusIRL 2067RKinsaleUnited Kingdom & Ireland
84Blue JayGBR 1609RClydeUnited Kingdom & Ireland
85AqualinaArklowUnited Kingdom & Ireland
86ChestressITA 14339Porto di RomaMediterranean Sea
87Jet StreamGBR 8709R Pwllheli, WalesUnited Kingdom & Ireland
89Jo Jo GunneGBR709RLymingtonUnited Kingdom & Ireland
90SerenaUnknownTexas & Gulf Coast
91Jacobi of HelfordGBR 9014RFalmouth, EnglandUnited Kingdom & Ireland
95ChambaESP 6664CRCNPMediterranean Sea
98JumbuckGBR 3135LLymingtonUnited Kingdom & Ireland
100BLUE STARUSA 100Marina Del ReyCalifornia & Hawaii
101Terry LeaNorth Star Sail ClubGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
103WahooUSA 103SavannahChesapeake Bay & Southeast
104TippyCAN 104VancouverPacific Northwest
105AndaleUSA 105San FranciscoCalifornia & Hawaii
106PathfinderUSA 106SeattlePacific Northwest
109Vamos9109SydneyPacific Rim
110Major TomFRA 9667MarseilleFrance
114Something ElseIRL 29213Dun LaoghrieUnited Kingdom & Ireland
115JIBEGBR 1509RLelystadNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
116Mojo RisinGBR 8809RHambleUnited Kingdom & Ireland
117JumunuGBR 9487HambleUnited Kingdom & Ireland
118Captain JackNED 7275WemeldingeNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
119YendaNED 7276Andijk, HaarlemNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
122ATTACK52750ErieGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
123Warrior2USA 123ChathamNew England & Maritimes
124SLAPSHOT IIUSA 124ChicagoGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
125LokiUSA 125SouthportLong Island Sound
126PicanteUSA 126JamestownNew England & Maritimes
128CirrusUSA128San FranciscoCalifornia & Hawaii
129Kind of BlueUSA 129Marina Del ReyCalifornia & Hawaii
131Jee-RaftFRA 21695UnknownUnited Kingdom & Ireland
133MaJicGBR 4909RLelystadNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
135J-VentureBEL 7277ZeebruggeNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
136Jumping JellyfishGBR 2709HambleUnited Kingdom & Ireland
139JunoGBR 9821HambleUnited Kingdom & Ireland
140Pieces of Eight140MysticLong Island Sound
141SMEE AGAINUSA 141ChicagoGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
142Papa's ToyUSA 142Mentor Harbor Yachting ClubGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
143Good JybrationsUSA 56212OceansideCalifornia & Hawaii
144Live WireUSA 144Port Credit Yacht ClubGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
145One MoreCAN 19158CobourgGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
146RocinanteUSA 146MattapoisettNew England & Maritimes
147Blue CrushUSA 147San DiegoCalifornia & Hawaii
148Blue Sky148SydneyPacific Rim
149FireflyUSA 52149DartmouthNew England & Maritimes
150JonnyGER 5449HamburgEurope
152Jack RabbitNED6809ScheveningenNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
154Jam SessionGBR6909RHaarlemNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
155JelenkoGBR 5809RPort HambleUnited Kingdom & Ireland
156IpanemaFIN 11381HelsinkiEurope
157VinurNED 8909LelystadNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
160ArielUSA 160SouthportLong Island Sound
161JeopardyUSA 161TacomaPacific Northwest
162Leading EdgeUSA 162Lakewood YCTexas & Gulf Coast
163RhiannonUSA 163StamfordLong Island Sound
164UnknownMilwaukeeGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
165TwigaUSA 165SoutholdLong Island Sound
166White Rabbit166LongportLong Island Sound
167TomokaUSA 167FairfieldLong Island Sound
168Junkyard Dog168SausalitoCalifornia & Hawaii
169UnknownUnknownLong Island Sound
170Little SisterSeal BeachCalifornia & Hawaii
171Lodos171SeattlePacific Northwest
172SugarUSA 7172KawaihieCalifornia & Hawaii
173ValorChicagoGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
174AviatoUSA 52209BarringtonNew England & Maritimes
175CaminosUSA 52202Devon Yacht ClubLong Island Sound
177ShakedownUSA 177Traverse CityGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
178TBDUSA 52278Thimble IslandsLong Island Sound
179OblioUSA 56855San DiegoCalifornia & Hawaii
180StraitJacketUSA 52180SlidellTexas & Gulf Coast
181HamburgUSA 181SeabrookTexas & Gulf Coast
183Spray7067California Yacht ClubCalifornia & Hawaii
184Good AdviceUSA 184San FranciscoCalifornia & Hawaii
187Eau JGBR 3742LRotterdamNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
189Jybe Talkin'GBR 6809RHambleUnited Kingdom & Ireland
191JubelNOR 14887OsloEurope
192RED ARROWGBR9109TGOSPORTUnited Kingdom & Ireland
193JaruLargs, AyrshireUnited Kingdom & Ireland
194Jelly BellyIRL 9609CorkUnited Kingdom & Ireland
195LindoUSA 195SausalitoCalifornia & Hawaii
196PersistenceUSA 56912Marina Del ReyCalifornia & Hawaii
197Morning GloryUSA 197LarchmontLong Island Sound
198GeronimoUSA 198San DiegoCalifornia & Hawaii
199HornpipeUSA 199AnnapolisChesapeake Bay & Southeast
200EmoticonUSA 200Stony PointLong Island Sound
201DragonflyUSA 201Duck IslandNew England & Maritimes
203UrsaUSA 203Fall RiverNew England & Maritimes
204Partnership 3204Black RockLong Island Sound
205RAPTORUSA 205MarionNew England & Maritimes
206True NorthUSA 206CamdenNew England & Maritimes
211HuayraESP 7366HendayeFrance
214Ctrl-JNED 9222MuiderzandNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
217SkuggfaxeSWE 11552GöteborgEurope
218Maatskip JNED7006MuiderzandNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
219SQUIBSGBR 6609RPort SolentUnited Kingdom & Ireland
220Bonfire 4USA 60507HoustonTexas & Gulf Coast
223JJ FlashNOR 11541OsloEurope
224Toa224ChicagoGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
225BlueJawsFRA 35209PornicFrance
227Basic InstinctGBR 7901DartmouthUnited Kingdom & Ireland
229Jaguar of BurnhamGBR 9570TMonnickendamNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
231JiraffeGBR 8901RHambleUnited Kingdom & Ireland
2332HardGBR 8537HambleMediterranean Sea
234JesterNED 7593Den OeverNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
235FirestormGBR 8532RMonnickendamNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
236Big TimeNED 7473MonnickendamNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
237MojoUSA 237VancouverPacific Northwest
238AirborneUSA 238SeabrookTexas & Gulf Coast
239Sweet Caroline239Hempstead HarborLong Island Sound
240Wild AgainNew YorkLong Island Sound
242ZeitgeistUSA 242KenoshaGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
243AugenblickUSA 243WestbrookLong Island Sound
244Guardian JUSA 244Essex YCNew England & Maritimes
245Liquid Lounge IIUSA 245Montrose Harbor ChicagoGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
246NorthstarUSA 246ChicagoGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
247JoyRideUSA 52418Stamford YCLong Island Sound
248Tantivy248SeattlePacific Northwest
249FULL TILTUSA 249ChicagoGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
250MelodyUSA 250New RochelleLong Island Sound
251Phoenix251St. Clair ShoresGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
252ValhallaSanta BarbaraCalifornia & Hawaii
253Carpe VentusCAN 253NYC TorontoGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
254VientoUSA 254PortlandPacific Northwest
255FREEDOMUSA 1111LarchmontLong Island Sound
256EclipseUSA 256SeattlePacific Northwest
257ElectraUSA 56385Long Beach, Alamitos BayCalifornia & Hawaii
258SerendipityCAN 258VancouverPacific Northwest
259JoyrideHKG 1996ManillaPacific Rim
260Mad DogsUSA 260Atlantic HighlandsLong Island Sound
261Growth SpurtUSA 261StamfordLong Island Sound
263MollihawkUSA7263San DiegoCalifornia & Hawaii
264Sweet Chariot6166Sydney AustraliaPacific Rim
265LivelyCAN 265Ashbridge's Bay YCGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
266Vento SolareUSA 266NewportNew England & Maritimes
267NordlysUSA 267Port WashingtonLong Island Sound
268TueborUSA 268AnnapolisChesapeake Bay & Southeast
269ZigZagUSA 269BayfieldGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
270VANDA IIIUSA 270ChicagoGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
271Driven 2USA 271Traverse CityGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
272WildThingUSA 272WinthropNew England & Maritimes
273StrategeryUSA 273SouthportLong Island Sound
274GossipUSA 274Sag HarborLong Island Sound
278Jazzy JellyfishGBR 8529RHambleUnited Kingdom & Ireland
280El ChicoFRA 27600La VagnaMediterranean Sea
282SeafoxGBR 7909RGoudswaardNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
283Lady VioletITA 19109HalmstadEurope
286Ceol na MaraUSA 286Perth AmboyLong Island Sound
287DivaCAN 287VancouverPacific Northwest
288Legacy288PRYCCalifornia & Hawaii
289Hafa AdaiUSA 289MarbleheadNew England & Maritimes
299ARUNAFRA 34530Palavas Les FloatsFrance
301GBR6709RFairfieldLong Island Sound
302Just Jay (Destroyed in Storm)GBR 7709RHolyheadUnited Kingdom & Ireland
305Jump the GunIRL 1129Dun LaoghrieUnited Kingdom & Ireland
306Zephyr7306Marina del ReyCalifornia & Hawaii
307PainkillerUSA 307Los AngelesCalifornia & Hawaii
308RaptorUSA 56454Long BeachCalifornia & Hawaii
309IllusionistUSA 309SeattlePacific Northwest
310BLACKFINUSA 310ChicagoGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
311WISCCAN 311HalifaxNew England & Maritimes
312BloodlineUSA 312ChicagoGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
313Hot PursuitGilbertsville, KYTexas & Gulf Coast
314Blue StreakCAN 314TorontoGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
315WaterdogUSA 315Hempstead Harbour ClubLong Island Sound
319ApsaraHKG 2101New RochelleLong Island Sound
326Miss JouSWE 326GöteborgEurope
327ChimaeraIRL 2160DublinUnited Kingdom & Ireland
330VimanaFukuokaPacific Rim
331La ViajeraUSA 46480San FranciscoCalifornia & Hawaii
332StriderUSA 332HuntingtonLong Island Sound
333Time OutUSA 333Milwaukee Yacht ClubGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
334SanibelUSA 334GrotonLong Island Sound
335JDUSA 335CoronadoCalifornia & Hawaii
336CertainlyUSA 336ChicagoGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
337SEAWOLF337Bridgeport, CTLong Island Sound
338NeveEssexLong Island Sound
340J-DreamGBR 7005RHambleUnited Kingdom & Ireland
345SleeperCorkUnited Kingdom & Ireland
347JFeverNED 7877AmsterdamNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
349Whiskey JackHKG 2102Hong KongPacific Rim
351MojitoGBR 9047RPwllheli, WalesUnited Kingdom & Ireland
355PinocchioBEL 6700BrusselsNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
356BlancheUSA 356SouthportLong Island Sound
357JigamareeIRL 7991Dun LaogharieUnited Kingdom & Ireland
358YetiNED 7990ColijnsplaatNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
359Goat RodeoUSA 359Boyne CityGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
360Big BoatUSA 360Sag HarborLong Island Sound
361MomentusUSA 361DuSable HarborGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
363Jack in the BoxNED 8881Port GrimaudFrance
367JaneSUI 367Biel / SwitzerlandEurope
368CallistoUSA 368ChicagoGreat Lakes & Lake Champlain
369SkootUSA 369AnnapolisChesapeake Bay & Southeast
371JeepsterGBR 8209RPwllheli, WalesUnited Kingdom & Ireland
372JouleNED 8276ScheveningenNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
374EverlongNED 9109StellendamNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
375Amagansett375SeattlePacific Northwest
376Cat's PawUSA 376WashingtonChesapeake Bay & Southeast
377John DoeGBR 2377CPiriac Sur MerFrance
700Blue JayGBR 1609RCardiffUnited Kingdom & Ireland
701AquelinaIRL 1661UnknownUnited Kingdom & Ireland
703Velvet ElvisGBR 4809UnknownUnited Kingdom & Ireland
704StormIRL 1141HowthUnited Kingdom & Ireland
709IndecisionIRL 9898Dun LaoghrieUnited Kingdom & Ireland
710Powder MonkeyIRL 28898Dun LaoghrieUnited Kingdom & Ireland
711JediIRL 8088Dun LaoghrieUnited Kingdom & Ireland
712ALTHINIMAXFRA 9533UnknownFrance
713JediFRA 9488UnknownFrance
714RuthIRL 1383Dun LaoghrieUnited Kingdom & Ireland
717Dear PrudenceIRL 1095Dun LaoghrieUnited Kingdom & Ireland
718SgrechGBR 9319RPwllheli, WalesUnited Kingdom & Ireland
719IndianIRL1543HowthUnited Kingdom & Ireland
720MatadorSWE 5709LidingöEurope
801JubileeGBR 2986SolentUnited Kingdom & Ireland
803SpeeltuinNED 7971UnknownNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
804JuggerknotIRL 3660DublinUnited Kingdom & Ireland
805WakeyWakeyGBR5909RDublinUnited Kingdom & Ireland
825Jai AlaiNED 7439HellevoetsluisNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
826Customer Contact CompanyNED 7470LelystadNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
827Pro-ExNED 7471LelystadNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
830STAMHUISNED 7474LelystadNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
832Team HeinerNED 8314LelystadNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
833MtelNED 7475LelystadNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
838No Naked FlamesGBR 9109RUnknownUnited Kingdom & Ireland
841JigsawGBR 2LUnknownUnited Kingdom & Ireland
842JinksGBR 1659UnknownUnited Kingdom & Ireland
850ElixirNED 7857ScheveningenNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
859J-FLIESFRA 36759PomicFrance
860Tilt-KFRA 34960PomicFrance
861J-BoxFRA 36966PomicFrance
862AlphlinkFRA 36758PomicFrance
863VILTANSOUFRA 35263BrestFrance
864POULICO 10FRA 29286ArcachonFrance
865FRIC FRACFRA 28897Port OlonaFrance
866FRANJPANEFRA 28839ArzonFrance
867QUINQUINAFRA 29070La RochelleFrance
868Miss JujuFRA 9679MarseilleFrance
869Jet LagFRA 9654UnknownFrance
870AlbacoreFRA 1091St. TropezFrance
871GalagnaFRA 9580HyeresFrance
872Java BleueFRA 29967UnknownFrance
873BlounaFRA 1092DunkerqueFrance
874JediFRA 9498PorquerollesFrance
880Je VanteGBR 2091RUnknownUnited Kingdom & Ireland
881JarheadGBR 3918RUnknownUnited Kingdom & Ireland
882Jolly Jack TarGBR 8541RGosportUnited Kingdom & Ireland
884Ju KyuGBR 9941TPlymouthUnited Kingdom & Ireland
885JamiraGBR 9503TUnknownUnited Kingdom & Ireland
887ArethusaNED 7800UnknownNetherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg
890Diamond JemGBR 1466RUnknownUnited Kingdom & Ireland
892OutraJeousGBR 9931TUnknownUnited Kingdom & Ireland
893Pure JoyGBR 8543RHambleUnited Kingdom & Ireland
895Designstar 2GBR 5109RHambleUnited Kingdom & Ireland
896Jynnan TonnyxGBR 2192LHambleUnited Kingdom & Ireland
897Jai HoGBR 9364RUnknownUnited Kingdom & Ireland
898Just SoGBR 529UnknownUnited Kingdom & Ireland
899J 2 EauGBR 9694TUnknownUnited Kingdom & Ireland