Constitution and Rules Changes – Adopted

At its meeting on February 6th, the Executive Board unanimously approved three proposals to amend our Class Constitution and Class Rules. These changes were effective March 15, 2012 after approval by Voting Members.

Proposal 1 amends section 7 in the Constitution to permit consideration of urgent and exceptional Class Rules changes at any time, upon a two thirds vote of the Exevutive board and adoption by Voting Members.

Proposal 2 amends the Driver rule in Class Rule 2.2 to conform to revised ISAF classification. A Driver other than a 100% owner of a J/109 must be a Voting Member or Associate Member and a Group 1 competitor in the ISAF classification system.

Proposal 3 amends the sails rule in Class Rule 5.3 to allow jib and spinnaker changes to another declared and tagged sail at any time during an event. This will permit easy sail change in the event of significant weather changes.

The full text of the changes to the Constitution and Rules is set out above under GOVERNANCE. The, click on CLASS DOCUMENTS.

/Tina Filippelli, Class Secretary

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