East Coast Championship Party @ BIRW

The 2021 East Coast Championship held at Block Island Race Week (BIRW) is in full swing with 14 J/109s competing and partying. On day 1, the race around the island was postponed due to fog.  Unfortunately with the white circle firmly  entrenched in the fog bank west of BI, racing for the day was finally cancelled.  On Tuesday,  light breezes with chop provided some challenging windward leeward conditions where the fleet got in three races.  After the three races the top boats are Gossip, Big Boat & Emoticon.

The J/109 Class party was hosted at Crew’s Hideout on Tuesday evening thanks to Bob Schwartz and the Nordlys crew.  The following boats braved the rain and had a great time – Emoticon, Nordlys, Leading Edge, Strider, Vento Solare, Ariel, TBD, Growth Spurt and Mistral.   Everyone chipped in to help with the various tasks and make the event a blast for those who attended.  Vento Solare  crew members Eric Irwin and Mary Matin arranged for live music with musician Dan Watson playing at the party.

Eric Erwin, Dan Watson & Mary Martin


The party was split between the bar and grille located outside by the Tiki hut, and the live music indoors.  The crew of Vento Solare got everyone’s pump primed at the bar early and handed over the bar responsibilities to the Aviato crew who did a fantastic job keeping everyone’s drink cups full.  The grille located next to the hot tub (Aviato crew in the tub…) was manned by the TBD and Aviato crews.

Below are some photos from the dance floor.

Leading Edge & Vento Solare Crews tearing up the dance floor

Aviato Crew joining in the dance fun after tending bar

Bob Schwartz at the table wondering how he got into all this…. Thanks for hosting!


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