Eight J/109’s Boats competed in Buzzards Bay Regatta August 3rd-5th 2007

It was TASTES LIKE CHICKEN’s father-son combination that won the 35th annual Buzzards Bay Reagatta with a string of six first place finishes over the first two days. After Friday’s performance of three straight bullets, Steve Tedeschi handed the helm do his father Brian on Saturday who repeated the previous day’s impressive performance.

“Don’t be fooled by the results.” says Tedeschi “The racing was very tight. We didn’t lead the pack around the first windward mark once on the first day. Every boat in the fleet was up in front at one point or another. We considered us ourselves lucky a few times to get around the competition. GUT FEELING and OFFBEAT are very strong competitors. Ted (Herlihy/GUT FEELING) won Block Island last year and was winning the NA’s going into the last day. We just felt like we were getting the right shifts and had great crew work.”

Ted Herlihy hosted numerous J/109 sailors at his house and even offered up his neighbors house to help with the overload. On Saturday Night the Herlihy’s held a J/109 party which most of the class attended and enjoyed greatly.
1. Tastes Like Chicken, Stephen Tedeschi, 6
2. Gut Feeling, Ted Herlihy, 13
3. offbeat, Doug Hannah, 17
4. Superstition, Christopher Zibailo, 28
5. Ladylove, Michael Feeley. 31
6. Warrior 2, Tom Burrows, 33
7. August West, Jamey Shachov, 35
8. Spitfire, Dan Grossman, 46

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