Gone: Used North 3DL Main for Sale

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Gone: Used North 3DL Main for Sale

Post by Vento Solare » Sat Jan 23, 2016 12:30 am

2009 North 3DL 680 Carbon/Aramid Mainsail
  • Class Sail Royalty Tag #0904195N
  • Luff bolt rope converted to slides that are sewn on luff makes this easier to use
  • 5 battens (included)
  • top batten pocket has thumb screw adjustable tensioner
  • loose footed design
  • clew attachment with Velcro strap (included)
  • class legal reef points
  • 3 blue draft stripes
Asking $500 - you pay shipping or pick up in Portsmouth, RI
Email: bill@j109.org

This sail still has good shape but is being retired since I have purchased new sails. The sail was inspected at the North Sails loft in December 2015 with suggestions to reinforce around the batten pockets, reinforce by spreader chafe patches, and leech and luff should have mylar sheet attached to extend the sail life, as the mylar has aged thin in these areas. Pictures shown below include areas where patches were applied last season. Click on pictures to see at full resolution.

View from foot

View from head

Sail tag

Leech area patched

Luff area patched