Mast Assembly - set up

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Mast Assembly - set up

Post by MK-Farthing » Tue May 16, 2017 12:21 pm

We are in the process of rigging our mast that has been unstepped, in storage, and now moved to new port. During that process I failed to take detailed photos of the mast prior to disassembly and now have a few question .
1. Has anyone found information from Sparcraft on procedures they recommend? Have looked and the best but limited info is on the Rigrite site.
2. My spreader thru bars were removed for shipping so it is now not clear to me if running rigging and electrical wires, inside of mast, should be run for or aft of the thru bars.
3. Upper shroud attachment - how are the stainless steel upper shroud attachment extrusions held in place? Is it simply rig tension?

Any other rig advice would be welcome

Thanks for the help!!!!!!

Mike Farthing
Hull 254

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