Gebo Portlight Replacement Parts

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Gebo Portlight Replacement Parts

Post by Vento Solare » Mon May 22, 2017 9:27 am

US built hulls were supplied with Econoline Portlights manufactured by Gebo Marine Glazing in the Netherlands. I was unable to find a US supplier for replacement parts and corresponded with Gebo directly to get replacement rubber seals. They are able to supply parts for the opening portlights. Below are the numbers for various parts used on each type of portlight:

Three Opening Portlights installed - facing aft in head, facing aft in quarter berth, facing inboard in quarter berth
Note that two of these receive the most wear on the sealing rubber as many owners feed lines through the hatches while racing and wear the seal.
Acrylic Dimensions approximately 303mm x 124mm
  • - Portlight Part Number
  • 89600611P - Sealing Rubber
  • - Screen
Three Opening Portlights installed - main cabin port side forward and aft, main cabin starboard side forward
Acrylic Dimensions approximately 583mm x 124mm
  • - Portlight Part Number
  • 89600611C - Sealing Rubber
  • - Screen
One Fixed Portlight installed - main cabin starboard side aft over Nav Station
Acrylic Dimensions approximately 583mm x 124mm
  • - Portlight Part Number
Two Opening Portlights installed - facing outboard starboard side in head, facing outboard port side aft in quarter berth
Acrylic Dimensions approximately 259mm x 108mm
  • - Portlight Part Number
  • 89600611H - Sealing Rubber
  • - Screen
Parts that are stocked online include: The forward hatch is 500mm x 500mm and the hatch over the main cabin is 450mm x 320mm. Replacement parts for the hatches are at this link.

I contacted Gebo and asked that they include the seals in their online store at this link:
You may contact the following person for information or to place an order

Alan Bekendam - Email
Phone: 036-5211278

Gebo Marine Glazing BV.
Versterkerstraat 1
1322 AN Almere

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Re: Gebo Portlight Replacement Parts

Post by fxalbert » Sat Aug 31, 2019 10:13 pm

Just a note of caution. I know a lot of us have lines going into the head through the rear window and the rear cabin on the port side, again, though the rear window. Over time pulling the lines in and out wear down those gaskets. I just recently bought two, one for each side. They are 17 euros each. However shipping for them was 55 euros and Gebo would only accept a bank wire transfer for payment, another $25. All together for the two gaskets with the exchange rate, $127

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