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Harken Winch Drum Resurfacing

Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2019 8:06 am
by Vento Solare
This post is to let people know that the Harken winch drums may be resurfaced when they wear and become "slippery". I contacted the local Harken folks in Newport, RI and the cost is about $100 per winch. The winch drums should be removed, all connected pieces on the drum disassembled (self tailer, stripping arm, red trim ring and composite cover press-fit at the bottom of the drum). The drums should be degreased before return. I used a citrus degreaser and warm water - it worked fine.

The resurfaced drums were sent to the Harken factory in Wisconsin and returned to me in 3 weeks, so this is a good off season project. It is a great time to totally disassemble, clean and service your winches too. The returned drums have a newly restored gripping surface that works well with the lines.

Contact Harken to schedule your winch drums for resurfacing. The Newport office is (401) 849-8278