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Engine Specification

Post by Bengt J » Mon Oct 30, 2017 3:38 pm

Specifications J109 Engine

With the boats in our class getting up in age, 15 + years, it will be more common owners need to face the issue of rebuild or replace the engine.
The Technical Committee has investigated engine specifications and type of engines used during the years of production.
The specification is a 3-cylinder diesel rated 27 to 30 hp with fresh water-cooling, coupled to a sail drive unit.
French built boats used the Volvo 2030 and from sometime in 2006 the Volvo D1-30, it is possible some of the very first boats had the older Volvo 2003.
US built boats used the Yanmar 3GM-30F up to hull #165 and then the Yanmar 3YM-30F.
Lately we have several indications of French built boats with an optional 2-cylinder Volvo engine that is 30 to 50 lbs lighter than any of the four standard engines.
In an effort to grow the class by making it easier to import boats from Europe not excluding any factory delivered options we consulted J Boats. An easy low cost solution for boats with the 2-cylinder option is to add 40 lbs corrector weights next to the sail drive unit before being allowed to enter any OD racing in the US. The 40 lbs. corrector weight should be split in two 20 lbs. weights to be permanently mounted in the engine compartment aft of and in line with the lower edge of the access hatches port and starboard.
Boats with any of the standard 3-cylinder engines must replace the engine with the same model or an equivalent newer model.
The TC will list acceptable replacement engine models when needed. As always any question or concern posted on the forum relating to this will be answered in a timely fashion.

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