Genoa Track

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Genoa Track

Post by AndyCamardaEVO »

The local fleet in Chicago allows extra sails for offshore racing (staysails, extra kites, spinnakers, etc.) We are looking to sheet our offshore sails to the aft end of the standard class track. If we use the standard jib car, is this class legal? If not where does the jib track become a genoa track?

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Re: Genoa Track

Post by Bengt J »

The Technical Committee is consulting with the experts at J Boats and will come back shortly with a ruling/interpretation of Rule 4.3.4 "installed but unused genoa tracks" as I believe was the original question from Andy to me.
To answer the question above using the standard track with the standard one car/track at the aft end of the track is legal. If it is a class sanctioned event using non class legal sails it is another issue and rule changes may be needed (as for the 120 sqm spinnaker).
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