Sold: 2005 J109, #241, Northeast FL, ask $113,900

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Sold: 2005 J109, #241, Northeast FL, ask $113,900

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Hull #241 (Pura Vida) is a 2005 model that has the factory shoal keel (5'9" vs 7.0'). In most PHRF rating areas the shoal keel version rates +6 sec./mi. vs the deep keel version. YES! The shoal keel version can race in J109 class regattas as the rig, rudder, etc. are all the same.
Note: we did win our class at 2021 St. Augustine race week with 5 out of 6 first places!

Hull #241 lived on Lake Michigan from new in 2005 until fall of 2018 when I bought it. It was sailed May until Oct. every year then stored in a heated shed until next season. Sailing season in WI is short! The first time this boat saw salt water was in late May 2019. The first owner raced the boat somewhat and the second owner didn't race at all.

I put on a coat of Interprotect 2000 on the entire bottom, hull, rudder, and keel before anti fouling paint in 2019. The saildrive had 5 coats of Interprotect 2000 before I put on Trilux 33 prior to launch. The correct Yanmar split ring zinc was installed prior to launch (and replaced as needed since). Many other upgrades too many to list here (new Gebo hatch handles, new Harken traveler bearings, etc.).

I replaced all navigation lights with LEDs in 2019 (including a fore deck that was not OEM). Also, in 2019, I installed a full B&G NMEA 2000 system that includes 4 Triton displays, speed, depth, GPS/compass sensors, and a mast mount wind sensor hard wired to the N2K bus. A new Standard Horizon VHF with remote mic was also added. I also cleaned up all the prior system wiring left behind (including the stereo system).

The boat came with a Quantum main and class jib. Both are in good condition. There are 2 Quantum spinnakers and both are still crispy, in excellent condition. The 2nd may not have even been used! In 2019, I added a new Doyle Graph X (carbon/technora) 130% genoa. It's in excellent condition. In 2020, I bought a new Doyle high tech racing dacron main that is in nearly new condition.

#241 has the factory cockpit box, 120v system with galvanic isolator and battery charger, dodger, custom wheel and pedestal cover and the factory larger Balmar alternator. I upgraded the OEM V belts to a serpentine belt system in 2019 (way better, no belt dusting).

Having owned both versions (hulls #261 and #241), they both feel the same when sailing, just depends how much water you have and your local conditions. :)

I bought this boat at good price. I'll sell at a good price too. Recent medical issues result in little time for my use.
I have a very detailed email list I can send as well as many photos.

For more information and details, please call Mark at 860-304-3844 or email to: