Radar Pole Question

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Dan Corcoran
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Radar Pole Question

Post by Dan Corcoran » Wed Jun 07, 2017 11:34 am

I have an 83mm wide fiberglass hole tabbed to the inside of my J 109, for a radar pole. The previous owner had a custom carbon fiber radar pole here.

Is the hole standard? Where to find a similiar size radar pole, aluminum or carbon fiber? Most poles seem to be 3" wide and would be too small, yes?

Dan Corcoran
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Re: Radar Pole Question

Post by j30_rhapsody » Wed Jun 07, 2017 1:31 pm

I believe Vento Solare uses a 2-3/8" diameter pole. You can always insert a sleeve and use a smaller diameter. Math says 83mm is 3.268" diameter.

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