Jib & Main Tips and Tricks w/OD sails

How to make the boat go faster or compete within the Class.

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Dan Corcoran
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Jib & Main Tips and Tricks w/OD sails

Post by Dan Corcoran »

I am finding myself in several Jib & Main races this season, enjoying a Friday Pursuit race with a pre-set triangle course we can choose to take either clockwise or counterclockwise, which invariably includes a deep reach, downwind, or both.

Would anyone have a polar for Jib & Main only?

Any tips and tricks for downwind sailing sans Spinnaker? When does wing on wing make sense?

Any tips for deep-reaching sans Spinnaker? Change my rigging?
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Re: Jib & Main Tips and Tricks w/OD sails

Post by jkalucki »

Hi Dan,

BLUR posted a short-handed jib-and-main target speed chart here: https://www.blur.se/2016/12/24/shorthan ... j105-j109/

I've been working to a different chart this summer on SF Bay and just re-discovered this chart a few weeks ago. Hoping to give it a serious on-the-water trial before my next single-handed race this weekend. I've found it very hard to sail my J/109 competitively directly downwind under PHRF Jib and Main. It's frustrating because I can sometimes make it singlehanded to the first windward mark right along with a fully-crewed fleet, but then I give it all away on the downwind leg.
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