Proposed Spinnaker Rule for 2020 North American Championship

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Proposed Spinnaker Rule for 2020 North American Championship

Post by JohnGreifzu » Mon Nov 04, 2019 3:11 pm

At the 2019 Annual Meeting held last month, the 2020 North American Championship was awarded to Fleet #11 (Great Lakes & Lake Champlain). The event will be held in August 2020.

Fleet 11 has traditionally conducted its class racing using "oversized" spinnakers (spinnakers larger than the 108 square meters permitted under the Class Rules). In order to ensure broad participation in the 2020 event, Fleet 11 has requested to use those same "oversized" spinnakers for the North American Championship. The Class officers believe this is a reasonable request, but only with appropriate controls in place that will ensure fair racing.

As such, in accordance with Class Constitution Section 7.2(b), the Executive Board will vote on the following proposed Class Rule addition on December 9, 2019. If the Executive Board approves the rule, the proposal will be submitted to the full Class membership for a vote.

[To be added after Rule 5.7]

5.8 For J/109 Class sanctioned events hosted by Fleet #11 (Great Lakes & Lake Champlain) during the 2020 calendar year, including the 2020 North American Championship and any event advertised as a 'pre-NAs,' 'tune-up' or similar, the following applies to spinnakers:

(a) The asymmetric spinnaker shall be manufactured from woven nylon with a minimum nominal weight of not less than 40grams per square meter. The area of the asymmetric spinnaker (“SA”) shall not exceed 120 square meters, based on the formula: SA=(luff length + leech length) *.25 foot length + (half width -.5 foot length) *(leech length + luff length)/3. Adjustable leech, luff, and foot lines shall be fitted to the asymmetric spinnaker.

(b) All asymmetric spinnakers declared for use during the events must be measured for compliance with 5.8(a) and issued a J/109 sail tag. Sailmakers are responsible for obtaining sail tags, conducting measurement, and submitting measurement data in accordance with Rule 5.1.

(c) All asymmetric spinnakers shall be listed in the J/109 sail tag database and the notes field will distinguish sails used under this Rule by stating the actual measured area in the following format: “Oversized Spinnaker Area xxx.xx square meters.”

This rule shall expire on December 31, 2020 and be automatically deleted from the J/109 Class Rules as of that date. The expiration of this rule shall not cause the sail tag or accompanying notes to be deleted from the database.

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