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Dan Corcoran
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Mast Work

Post by Dan Corcoran » Thu Jan 09, 2020 6:23 pm

I have my mast down this year and planning to do a little work on it. I am seeking advice on what projects should be undertaken for a 109 that is 12 years old (2007) while I have the mast down this winter.

So far I am looking at replacing the plastic parts on the end of the spreader that have had it, replace the mast boot which is torn, and replace some of the sheeves that show wear. Other than the forestay tang and converting lights to LED, I have not yet replaced or upgraded anything since I purchased in 2016.

My current parts list looks like this.

2 1 DERLIN SHEAVE 60MM OD 48510601425 (Jib Halyard Sheeves x 2)
4 BF3 8MM PLASTIC PROTECTION 32603050082 (ends of spreader x 4)
1 3607 356 0121 F305 WATER PROOF RUBBER COAT (for mast base)
2 ACETAL SHEAVE 85X15 PIN 22mm 48530851515 (Spin Sheeve x 2)
1 SHEAVE 80 X 15 AXE D12 48510801525 (Main sheet Sheeve)

I also have to replace some missing screws in the furlur I discovered.

In addition to carefully inspecting the rig, from your experience what else should I look at?

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Vento Solare
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Re: Mast Work

Post by Vento Solare » Thu Jan 09, 2020 6:29 pm


I think you hit most of the items. I cleaned and waxed the mast when it was down. I also masked and painted the measurement lines for the max hoist, gooseneck and the jib adjustment lines on the bottom of the spreader. No more having to go up the rig and replace peeling tape on the lines.

Inspect the VHF antenna. I replaced mine because the coil plastic top had severe UV degradation.

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