Liferafts - good options for racing J/109s

How to make the boat go faster or compete within the Class.

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Dan Corcoran
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Liferafts - good options for racing J/109s

Post by Dan Corcoran » Mon Feb 10, 2020 2:32 am

What is the most workable option for a liferaft on a J/109 to be minimally compliant to be compliant with YRALIS (Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound)/ USSAILING SERS (Safety Equipment Requirements).

YRALIS - Category "A" ... YRALIS.pdf

3.13.1 At least one of the following:
(a) A life raft or inflatable dinghy, both of which must have bottle inflation and be capable of
carrying the entire crew.
(b) A survival suit for each member of the crew

US SAILING SERS 2020.0 ... 020.0.xlsx

3.39 A boat shall carry adequate inflatable life raft(s) designed for saving life at sea with designed capacity for containing the entire crew.  The raft shall be SOLAS, ISAF, ISO 9650-1 or ORC approved.  The raft shall be stored in such a way that it is capable of being launched within 15 seconds. Boats built after 01/06/2001 shall have the life raft stowed in a deck mounted rigid container or stowed in watertight or self-draining purpose built rigid compartment(s) opening adjacent to the cockpit or the working deck.  Boats built prior to 01/06/2001 may alternatively stow the life raft in a valise not weighing over 88 lbs. securely below deck and adjacent to the companionway. The life raft(s) shall hold current certificate(s) of inspection.

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