PHRF Almost Distance Racing

How to make the boat go faster or compete within the Class.

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Dan Corcoran
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PHRF Almost Distance Racing

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1) Someone told me in passing that they believe the PHRF rating for the J/109's was changed recently in Europe, and asked if I took that to challenge the ratings here.

Would anyone know any specifics about this?

2) What kind of tools, techniques, sails might be helpful in competing against other boats on Long Island Sound in navigator races of anywhere from 40 to 100 miles, where the wind is variable to usually no more than 20 knots? I have done the basics in that I have a code zero sail and the larger spinnaker (although not once in ten races have the conditions favored using the code zero). My sailmaker once suggested I install a staysail, which requires an extra part to attach it on the deck. Is that sail substantially helpful?

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Re: PHRF Almost Distance Racing

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FWIW: I haven't seen anything in the SFYRA rating committee meeting minutes for the J/109. The main choice here seems to be genoa PRHR 69 vs jib-only PHRF 72.
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