Let me take the table out! Please?!?!

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Let me take the table out! Please?!?!

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In getting ready for the NAs in Newport, followed by the OD racing at Buzzards Bay Regatta, one of my to-do items on my list is to take the 50 pounds of diver weights OFF the boat, and put the very space-consuming table back on the boat. This leads me to the yearly discussion:

Can we PLEASE allow the option of taking the table out?

I see by our class rules that I need to get 19 other voting members to join me in this quest and I have to get paperwork to the Secretary by August 1.

While I understand that some people seem to really LIKE the table, in the last 4+ years I have never actually USED it as a table. I took it off last year, added 50 pounds of corrector weights, changed my PHRF cert and have never been happier. For me it makes for a much bigger cabin area, it makes it easy to stack 2 or 3 sails between the mast and the settee, and it is simpler to repack chutes with the extra space. If there are several people down below you can move fore and after without interference.

Now, I know every time someone brings this up, the question inevitably arises "Well, if we can modify this, where does it all end?" I think this is in the spirit or removing the dodger or the v-berth door or the cushions or the transom during racing. And unlike those other items, which do not mean you have to put their equivalent weight back on the boat, with this I would suggest you do add weight in if the table comes out. Perhaps there is a 1/100th of an extra degree of pointing by moving 50 pounds down two feet in the boat, but I am sure the bookcases I have on the port and starboard side of my boat, along with the extra wood paneling I had them install in the v-berth offset this.

So, are there 19 other owners that would get behind this and join me in submitting the following change to the class rules?

4.3.12 Removal of the dodger, forward cabin cushions, forward bulkhead door,
stern box and salon table. If the salon table is removed, 50 pounds of corrector weight shall be installed and remain in place as long as the salon table is not on board the boat.

Or something to that effect.

Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?

Thanks for your consideration...

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I'm with you. Go for it.

[Posted by: Barry

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I would support the removal of the table.

Steve McManus
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[Posted by: Steve
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