New Class Officers !

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New Class Officers !

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Bill Sweetser, the owner of Rush, is chairing the nominating committee for the J109 class board. He has sent an email to all J109 owners which I am posting here in case any one has been missed.

Adrian Begley, Mad Dogs & Englishmen

fellow J/109 owner,

My name is Bill Sweetser and I've recently been appointed by J/109 Class President Rick Lyall to chair a nominating committee responsible for presenting candidates for Class leadership to the Class Executive Board. The committee includes long time J/109 owners, racers and cruisers from across the country.

The J/109 Class Association Constitution provides that the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer stand for election for two year terms; and the positions of Chief Measurer and At Large Membership Representative be appointed by the Executive Board for two year terms. The committee's objective is to have these positions filled with qualified people by the end of this year.

The Constitution, available on the J/109 Class website, indicates the following responsibilities:
  • The President shall be the chief executive officer of the J/109 Class Association and shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Board.
  • The Vice President shall act in the absence of the President and shall have such other duties as the President may delegate.
  • The Treasurer shall oversee and manage the financial affairs of the J/109 Class Association and shall be responsible for proposing the annual budget and maintaining the listing of Voting and Associate Members. Upon request, the Treasurer may manage financial affairs for a Fleet. The Treasurer shall post financial reports, budgets, and reports on the website.
  • The Secretary shall maintain all of the records and proceedings of the J/109 Class Association and shall maintain a current list of each Fleet and every Fleet officer together with a registry of every J/109 which participates in J/109 Class activities. The J/109 registry shall include a confirmation that each registered J/109 was built in accordance with specifications of J/Boats and has a molded in identification number issued by J/Boats. The Secretary shall post all meeting notices, agendas, minutes, election notices, nomination lists, and election results, rules interpretations, rules amendments, and amendments to this Constitution on the website.
  • The Chief Measurer shall be responsible for overseeing all matters related to measurement of J/109's and for confirming that registered J/109's have been built, maintained, modified, and repaired in accordance with specifications of J/Boats and that registered J/109’s race in accordance with the sail, equipment, and specification provisions of the J/109 Class Rules.
  • The At Large Member Representative represents members who are not part of an established Fleet and participates in and votes at meetings of the Executive Board.
Currently the positions are filled as follows. Some of these folks are willing to stay on:
  • President: Rick Lyall - Stepping down after six years of leadership of the Class. At the J/109 North American Championship in Annapolis last month Rick was honored and recognized by the Class for his outstanding contributions during his service as Class President from 2006 through 2011.
  • Vice President: Not filled
  • Secretary: Ed Dailey
  • Treasurer: Bob Schwartz
  • Chief Measurer: Adrian Begley
  • At Large Membership Representative: Not Filled
You are invited to nominate members for these positions. Please chose qualified members you believe will provide energy and leadership, and who are willing to consider serving. I ask you to email me, no later than Saturday, November 19, with the names and contact information for your nominees. Please ask each prospective nominee what they would do to assist and promote the Class if they were in the proposed position. Include their response with your nomination email. This will help the Nominating Committee arrive at the list of qualified nominees and appointees for submittal to the Executive Board.

Effective leadership is essential to preserve and grow the vitality of our Class. This vitality is a key ingredient in the fun we have in our boats and in maintaining the worth of our boats. Please give this invitation considerable attention and send me your very best ideas.

Bill Sweetser
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