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About the J/109

Is the J109 the best racer/cruiser J/Boats ever built? [376] J109s have been built since 2001 with the final hull coming off the production line in 2012. The J109 works for so many owners thanks to its true dual use capabilities. You will log many races, both exciting one design and mixed fleet PHRF/IRC. Sensible …


​ Parameter ft/lb m/kg LOA 35.25 10.75 LWL 30.50 9.30 Beam 11.50 3.51 Standard Draft 7.00 2.10 Standard Ballast 3,900 1,769 Displacement 10,900 4,944 Engine 28 hp 28 hp 100% SA 644 59.80 I 46.50 14.17 ISP 49.60 15.11 J 13.30 4.05 P 43.25 13.18 E 15.50 4.72 SA/Dspl 21 21 Dspl/L 172 172 Headstay …


J/109 Ratings Under PHRF Handicapping Contact with PHRF updates or to add districts not included Last Update: 28 February 2018 Configuration ODR Spin ODR Cruise PHRF base Notes Jib size 105% 105% 155% A = +3 to PHRF base for 145% Spinnaker Area in Square Meters 108 108 B = -3 to PHRF base for …

Drawings & Manuals

This page contains files and links for parts, equipment and drawings that will help J/109 owners. If you have a document or link for a file relevant to the J/109, please send the information to for posting here.

Technical Bulletins

This page contains links or files for technical bulletins issued by J/Boats, Yanmar, Edson, and others applicable to J/109 owners.

Tips & Tuning

This page contains various tuning guides and tips for setting up the J/109. If you have another J/109 tip or tuning guide, please send the information to for posting here.