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J/109 Ratings Under PHRF Handicapping

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Last Update: 28 February 2018

PHRF baseNotes
Jib size 105%105%155%A = +3 to PHRF base for 145%
Spinnaker Area in Square Meters108108B = -3 to PHRF base for 120 Square Meters
British Columbia (PHRF-BC)7369A, -6 with 120 square meter spinnaker
Caribbean Sailing AssociationUses own rating system – not straight PHRF. J109 between .894 to .902 with .001= to 3 sec/ hour
Chesapeake Bay (CB-PHRF)758169
Detroit Michigan (DRYA)789072
Eastern Long Island Sound (PHRF-ECSA)759466
Galveston Bay (PHRF-GB)72 8169A, B
Long Island Sound (YRALIS)7269A, B
Lake Champlain (LC-PHRF)7872A, B
Lake Erie (PHRF-LE)7269A, B
Lake Michigan (PHRF-LM)7566A, B
Lake Ontario (PHRF-LO)8212269A, B
Middle Atlantic (PHRF-MA)75
Narragansett Bay (PHRF-NB)759463B, OD Rating is base, -12 for 155%, -9 for 145%
New England (PHRF-NE)728169A, B
North Carolina (PHRF-NC)7266A, B
Northern California (NCPHRF)7269A, B
Northwest (PHRF-NW)7269A, B
Nova Scotia (PHRF-NS)72 8466
San Diego (PHRF-San Diego)7569
Southern California (PHRF-SOCAL)7563

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