J/109 Annual Meeting Minutes & Rules Change Vote

The minutes for the annual meeting held on 22 October 2015 have been posted at this link in addition to the meeting presentation previously posted at this link.  Based on actions resulting from the meeting minutes, a rule change electronic ballot is being sent to all current class members.

A modified version of the proposed Bob Stay amendment would add under Class Rules paragraph “4.3 The following are permitted while racing:” the following subparagraph:

“4.3.16 A Bob Stay using high –modulus polyethylene fiber (e.g., Dyneema™ or Spectra™) secured in the bow above the waterline and on the Bow Sprit, provided that a Bob Stay may not be used while racing under J/109 one design rules unless specifically permitted by the sailing instructions for the event, or the local Fleet Captain has issued instructions that Bob Stays are allowed for events sanctioned by the local Fleet. Local Fleet Captain instructions do not apply to Class sanctioned events.”

Under this proposal, a J/109 owner would be permitted to install a Bob Stay, but would not be permitted to use it in designated Class events such as the North American Championships unless specifically permitted by the sailing instructions for the event. A Bob Stay would be permitted in local Fleet sanctioned events where specifically permitted under the sailing instructions or local Fleet instructions issued by the Fleet Captain. It was noted that where local Fleet Captains issue instructions allowing the use of a Bob Stay for local Fleet racing under PHRF rules, they should advise the local PHRF rating authority of the issuance of that instruction, so that boats sailing with and without a Bob Stay can be appropriately rated.

All current members are being sent an email no later than 13 November 2015 notifying them that the official ballot is available. Voting is available online through noon GMT 13 December 2015, at which time the results will be validated and tallied by the J/109 Class Secretary and announced on the class website. Should the proposed amendment be approved by two-thirds of the votes cast, It will become effective on 1 January 2016.

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