J/109 VANG Bracket Refits-Technical Bulletin

Dear J/109 Owners,

At J BoatsÆ request, Sparcraft France has redesigned the vang bracket on the J/109 mast so as to reduce the point loading on the fasteners. Some boats in the field have had their bracket fasteners loosen up after heavy air jibing. The new bracket is larger and the fasteners attach to the sides of the spar (instead of just the aft face), making it a more bullet-proof installation. Boats currently in production and those built since February have the new style bracket. Sparcraft is making the bracket kit available direct to owners through their US subsidiary, Charleston Spars. The cost is $125 including a set of stainless rivots.

Please contact David Lively, Charleston Spar, (704) 597-1502 ext.27 or email dlively@charlestonspar.com

Please visit the technical section of the website to view the complete bulletin and photo of the new vang.

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