John Yonover’s wins Charleston Race Week (April 12-15 2007)

Making the trip South from the Great Lakes Yonover and his crew onboard put up an impressive performance in the challenging conditions off the coast of South Carolina to win Charleston Race Week.

The racing was tight from the get go with Bill Sweetser’s Rush taking the early lead with two bullets in races 1 and 2, but then it was all Evonne which finished the next four races with a gun with Rush and Freedom nipping at their heels.

The J109 class was blessed with Jeff Johnstone’s presence who raced with Jeff walked the dock and offered assistance to all the J109’s in his typical amicable manner.

Mario Ficher’s sailed his Freedom to a podium finish shorthanded after bad weather delayed several of his crew. The bad weather wasn’t finished messing with the competitors, after two days light to moderate wind a fairly sizeable front came through on Sunday canceling all of the racing. There was no shortage of entertainment though as competitors with no place to go watched the storms havoc as the gusts exceeded seventy miles per hour. The dock master attempted to shut down the docks but that didn’t prevent crews form going back and forth to check on their boats and tighten up spring lines.

1 John Yonover 6
2 Rush Bill Sweetser 8
3 Freedom Mario Fichera 15
4 Tastes Like Chicken Brian & S Tedeschi 18
5 AfterThought Craig Wright 22

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