Lands’ End Mac Race Charter

Hello J/109 sailors. As most of you probably know, Lands’ End is again sponsoring the “Mac Race” in 2009. The Lands’ End team thoroughly enjoyed racing in the J/109 fleet in the 99th Mac race and we are currently exploring opportunities for the 2009 race. We chartered a J/109 from Bill Zeiler in ’99 for about 6 weeks – June 1st thru the “Mac”. We generally use the boat for 8 to 10 employee/customer Chicago Harbor cruises and, of course, the “Mac Race”. If anyone is interested in chartering their boat and would like more details, please contact me ( and/or Jen Cooley (( or John Maher ( at Lands’ End Business Outfitters. Thank you.

Smooth/Fast Sailing,
D. Randy (Skipper – “Guaranteed. Period.”)

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