Letter from Bob Schwartz, J109 Class President

Fellow J109 Sailors,

It is an honor and a privilege to be the newly elected president of our class association. Rick Lyall is leaving very big docksiders to fill. I certainly want to thank Rick, Ed Dailey, and Ric Campeau for their many years of providing leadership to the class. I also want to thank Adrian Begley for his many years, as well as agreeing to continue in his role as Class Measurer. I also want to thank Bill Sweetser and his nominating committee for their very thoughtful nominating process that identified my slate of new officers. I also want to thank our fleet officers who do the bulk of the organizing in their regions for the various events through the year.

As last year’s season came to an end, our officers were very busy and much was accomplished. Administratively we made some important rule and by-law changes. They are explained in detail on our web site but very briefly we made it more practical to amend our by laws and rules, we now allow for sail selection changes during race days, and we corrected our rule reference to ISAF sailor categories so that they match up with the current categories.

Also I want to make sure that everyone is aware that we had a terrific North America championship regatta hosted by the Annapolis Yacht Club this most recent October. Reports are that the accommodations were terrific, and the Annapolis Yacht Club ran a very professional event. Congratulations to Ted Herlihy/Gut Feeling, Rick Lyall/Storm, and Caminos/Don and Tina Filippelli for their winning performances and to the rest of the fleet for providing challenging competition. Congratulations to Bill Sweetser and his very able Fleet 4 committee.

Already on the schedule for this year and coming up quickly is the Mid-Atlantic Championship as a part of Annapolis NOOD commencing on May 4. It is worth pointing out that this race is also a qualifier for the prestigious East Coast 2012 Regatta Series Trophy.

This year‘s North American Championship will return to Newport and be a part of the New York Yacht Club Race Week commencing on July 19. It is always a privilege to race in those special waters and benefit from the professional management of the regatta provided by the New York Yacht Club. Stay tuned to our web site for more information on this event.

Finally I want to say that I personally find it very satisfying to be associated with all of you, in our common love for these terrific boats and the fun and freedom that they provide us in enjoying the outdoors with our friends and families. I am very new to providing leadership to this group and so all suggestions will be most welcome as I and the other officers look to help the class grow.

Bob Schwartz

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