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Please do not fill out this form if you are already in our database. To verify your status in our database, please go to the Log In page and scroll down to the Forgotten Password section.
Click Password Reset and a form will appear where you fill in the Email address field, and click Submit.
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Use this form to enter your contact information. After your application is reviewed by the administrator in the next 48 hours, your name will appear on the membership list. Once added to the list, you will be able to log in - the first time will require the Password Reset procedure. If you are applying as an Associate Member, you may choose to be affiliated with a boat or not. If not, leave the hull number blank. Annual dues for Members are are $50.00 and Associates are $50.00.

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Contact Information
First Name:
Last Name:
Specify your status:
Hull Number:  use 3 digits max, or leave blank if an Associate not affiliated with any hull
        Hull number format:
                XXX19###YYYY where XXX19 = Manufacturer Model J/109, ### = Hull number, YYYY = Date code
                J Boats Europe: FRJBE19189I405 = Hull number: 189
                Pearson Composites: PCX19266H506 = Hull number: 266
                Tilliston Pearson: TSP19076D303 = Hull number: 76
Email address:  required field used to log in
Phone:  use format 401-555-1234
Mobile:  use format 401-555-1234
Work:  use format 401-555-1234
Your US Sailing #:  e.g. 123456U
Your World Sailing Sailor ID #:  e.g. USABB12
State or Province:
Zip Code:
Comments (for example a Summer Address or secondary email)




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