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Sail Tags


From this page you may view sail tag registration data and purchase sail tags.  The preferred method of payment is online via credit card or PayPal.  You may also send a check. Sail tags are mailed when payment is received.  Sail tags are $40.00 each and are required for all sails used in J/109 One Design events.

The requirement for J/109 Class sail tags is explained in the J/109 Class Rules section 5.0.  Excerpts from the J/109 Class Rules are shown at the bottom of this page for easy reference.

J/109 Sail Tag

Click to Order Sail Tags

  • Order Sail Registration Tags – Click here or click the Sail Tag above to order Sail tags online @ $40.00 each – pay by check, credit card, or PayPal. Sail Tags are mailed upon receipt of payment. Thus if you pay online, you will receive the tags faster.

  • Register a Sail Tag – Click here to register a sail tag you have in your possession. All data is entered online and certified by the sailmaker when the form is submitted. This system replaces the old Paper Certification that needed to be downloaded and scanned. The system automatically sends notification to the J/109 Class officers responsible for reviewing the data. When the submission is approved, the sail will be listed on the Sail Tag Registration List, the sailmaker and owner are notified via email, and the certificate may be printed from the link that will appear online in the Sail Tag Registration List.

  • View the Registered Sail Tag List – Click here to view the Sail Tag Registration List and to see data for a registered sail. Certificates include required measured parameters with any associated limits displayed from the J/109 Class Rules.


Excerpts from the J/109 Class Rules regarding Sail Tags are provided below.

5.0 Sails

5.1 Each sail purchased for use in J/109 Class sanctioned events shall comply with the Class Rules in effect on the date of delivery. New sails delivered on or after September 1, 2006 shall have a J/109 sail tag affixed and sewn at the tack. Sail tags shall be sold to sail makers by the J/109 Class Association and shall have serial numbers which are registered with the Class secretary. By affixing a sail tag, the sailmaker certifies that the sail meets the then effective sail material, weight, and measurement requirements of these Rules. Fees for purchase of sail tags shall be determined by the Executive Committee. The sailmaker shall:

a) sign a certificate, including the sail tag serial number, a statement that the sail conforms to class rules, and the date of delivery to the owner;

b) provide a copy of the certificate to the owner

c) provide the original to the Class Treasurer for registration in the Class Association database. Owners should confirm prior to a Class event that each sail they plan to use has been properly registered.

5.2 All sail measurements shall be made by certified measurers and in accordance with the ISAF Equipment Rules of Sailing (“ERS”). In this section, terms in BOLD are used as defined and used in ERS.