NORTHSTAR wins inaugural Great Lakes Championship!

The first annual Great Lakes Championship was contested this season! Thanks to George Simkins (co-owner of Momentus) for this terrific writeup of the event:

“The Great Lakes Championship consisted of two regattas, to be raced over two consecutive weekends: the Colors, hosted by Columbia Yacht Club, and the NOODs, hosted by Chicago Yacht Club. The Championship uses a high-point scoring system, so the fastest finisher gets the highest score based on the number of participating boats. The highest score over both weekends takes the trophy.

Both weekends saw abbreviated racing because Sunday in each regatta was called off for different reasons, so the boats that did well early made out.

At the end of the Colors weekend, the yacht Certainly was in the lead, followed by Calisto and Momentus. By the end of the NOODs, however, a new champion emerged. Dave Gustman’s Northstar, which didn’t even race in the Colors Regatta the first weekend, roared onto the scene. Northstar went 4-1-1-4-1-6-1 for the weekend, which gave the boat 39 points, which was enough to beat out every other boat in the two regattas. Second place went to Jim Murphy’s Calisto with 38 points, and Scott Sims’ Slapshot took third with 35 points.

Congratulations to the skipper and crew of Northstar!”

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