Notice of Fleet Captains Conference Call

J/109 Fleet Captains:
There will be a telephone conference call on November 14th @ 8:00 pm EST. The call will cover topics discussed at a recent meeting of the Class Officers and the fleet reports.

In preparation of the call, please prepare a brief fleet report.

Please include the following:
Number of Members
Fleet Activities
Regatta turnout
Open issues/problems
Does your fleet have a local website? If so how far along is it?

At the National level we are working on making the site more user-friendly and are planning new features and additions.

We are currently forming our technical committee. Please survey your fleet, prior to the call and see if there is a volunteer who would like to serve on this committee?

Many thanks for your help. Instructions for attending the call will soon follow. If you are unable to attend please ask a fleet member to represent your fleet on the call.

Click on the below link to view the minutes of the Class Officers conference call.

Many thanks,
Len Siegal

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