NYYC Race Week J/109 Class format

The J/109s will be sailing under Class Rules as posted at www.J/109.org with the following exceptions:

1)Crew Limit/Weight û in lieu of weighing crew, the crew limit will be skipper plus 6 persons.

2)Equipment û a reminder that the removable transom locker is not required, but the swim ladder, emergency tiller, stove, v-berth platform (but no cushion), main cabin bunk cushions and main cabin table are required.

3)The float line rule #6.3 and headstay length #6.4 will not be in effect for this event.

4)2004 Membership (Rule #2.1) is complimentary for all J/109 owners.

5)Each owner will be asked to sign a Class Declaration form at registration. This will be emailed in advance so save you time while registering.

6)As a reminder, please reread the following class rule regarding the extension of the bowsprit. This is intended to minimize the ôde-sprittingö that has plagued other sprit classes. As many people are learning this for the first time, IÆd encourage everyone to provide an infringing boat a warning first before filing any protests

6.2 Extending the sprit at the windward mark. When not in the process of setting, flying
or taking down the spinnaker, the bowsprit shall be retracted so that the tip of the sprit is aft of the forwardmost point on the bow. Approaching a windward mark without the spinnaker set, the bowsprit shall not be extended until the bow of the boat has passed the mark. The bowsprit shall be retracted at the first reasonable opportunity after taking the spinnaker down. Penalty for noncompliance shall be a 360 degree turn prior to the finish of the race.

WeÆll be on the water (on the J inflatable) on Friday taking photos of the J/109 action, so look forward to seeing you then.

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