Proposed Officer Slate to Serve through 2020

A nominations committee lead by the Class Vice President JR Rechtschaffer has proposed the following slate of officers nominated for election, to serve through 2020.

  • President – Bill Kneller, Vento Solare #266 (Currently serves as President)
  • Vice President – John Greifzu, Jr., Growth Spurt #261 (Currently serves as Long Island Sound Fleet Captain)
  • Secretary – Looking for a candidate
  • Treasurer – Bud Rogers, Big Boat, #360 (Currently serves as Treasurer)

Additionally, the following positions appointed by the Executive Board are presented – these are not subject to vote and are provided for information only:

  • Class Measurer & Technical Committee Lead – Bengt Johansson, Zig Zag, #37 (Currently serves as Class Measurer)
  • Assistant Class Measurer & Technical Committee – Ted Herlihy, Gut Feeling, #72 (Currently serves as Assistant Class Measurer)
  • Technical Committee (Appointed by the President) – David Rosow, Loki #125 (Currently serves as Class Secretary & Technical Committee)
  • Technical Committee (Copyright Holder’s representative) – JR Rechtschaffer, Emoticon #200 – (Currently serves as Class Vice President & Technical Committee)
  • At-Large Member – Jim Goldberg, Junkyard Dog #168 – (Currently serves as At Large Member)
  • Copyright Holder – Jeff Johnstone, J/Boats

Voting for the elected positions will commence on 25 September and will close at 4pm East Coast time on Monday, October 22, 2018. Results will be announced at the annual meeting on October 23rd. The J/109 Executive Board will continue to solicit candidates to serve in the Secretary position.  Should no candidate be found, an individual will be appointed per the provisions of paragraph 6.17 in the J/109 Class Constitution.


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