Proposed Rules Change on Jib Car Adjustment Purchase

A ballot mailed on 13 January to all Voting Members contains the proposed rule change brought by the Technical Committee to the Executive Board for review and comment. The Executive Board approved proceeding to vote the following, with Executive Board comments incorporated.

To get the full advantage of the recently approved in hauling rule, it would be beneficial to increase the power ratio of the jib car adjusters to allow adjustments in medium/heavy air. JBoats have indicated that if the J/109 were designed recently it would be specified with a 6:1 adjustment and with in haulers. As an example, a very simple change to the existing class legal 4:1 adjusters is to add a 2:1 cascade between the forward turning block mounted on the track and the existing cleat, creating a 8:1 adjustment (not suitable for overlapping jibs). The system is not permitted to be operated or rigged to the windward side. More information and pictures are available on the Class Forum.

Proposed Rule adds new paragraph:
4.3.17 The maximum power ratio of the jib lead adjusters permitted is 8:1. This can be done by adding sheaves to existing tackle or, adding a 2:1 cascade to the existing 4:1 tackle. The jib lead adjustment line must use the existing cheek block and jib lead cleat on the same side as the jib car it adjusts.

Who may vote? A Voting Member as defined in section 3.0 of the class constitution shall be a legal owner or one designated legal owner in the case of a boat with more than one legal owner, such that each registered boat shall have one Voting Member. Each Voting Member shall have one vote.  Voting Members maintain membership by paying annual membership dues and by complying with the J/109 Class Association Constitution and J/109 Class Rules.  Note – if you desire to vote on the rules changes and are not a current year member, please go to the class website, update your membership and pay your current year dues.  Voting members who payed previous year class dues will be allowed to vote through 31 March of the following year.

When may I Vote? All current members will be sent an email no later than 13 January 2017 notifying them that the official ballot is available.  Voting is available online through noon 13 February 2017, at which time the results will be validated and tallied by the J/109 Class Secretary.

When would the change be effective? Should the proposed change be approved by the class, the change would be incorporated in the class rules effective 1 March 2017.

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